Live Sports Streaming

  • Live Streaming

  • Drone Video

  • On Boat Video

  • Boat Tracking

  • Commentator

  • Ad Insertion

  • Race Recording

  • Post Race Wrap Up

LF Sports has over 35 years of yacht racing, marketing and imaging experience so we understand not only the technology but yacht racing from start to finish. Leveraging a wide range of video capturing techniques such as drones and stabilized cameras across a dedicated race-course network enables us to truly capture the excitement of yacht racing and stream it in real time to wide range of mediums such as FaceBook live, YouTube, Event websites or the Yacht Club bar.

We bring everything to your yacht racing event: the network, drones, boats, commentators, yacht tracking and pre and post production.  The return for yacht clubs and organizing committees is a new medium to attract and retain sponsors and through partnerships with other sailing outlets we can stream your yacht race to both a local and global audience.